It is nothing, it is everything


It is all my link around my life. Really help me if i write it here. So i will never forget. If some link broken, feel free to tell me on Facebook and Twitter or just comment on any of the blog post. You also can share to use it. どうぞよろしく。



My mediafire (Ton of my files collection. If files is missing, please don’t ask me to re-upload)

Gblog85 (Where i get my collection of drama and series)

D-Addicts (Great page for drama lovers but it use torrents) (Download site for movie. Really helpful if you are Malaysian but all movies still in English, so just Google translate) (Provide entertainment media. Language in English or Indonesia. No registration needed for downloading)

iHoneydew (Download the Latest Korean, Japanese and Chinese Music «

Anime-Access (Download latest anime. Lot of variety and title to choose. Free registration to download, no spam message)

Kishida Kyoudan Official page and Private

Yui Official Page

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